Wishing you all have a happy new year 2015

Posted on: Sunday, 21 December 2014.
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Dear All,

One year passed again. In 2014 for me, there were things I didn’t expect, there were things I started as a new challenge and so far I have survived somehow. Moving to Netherlands reminded me of when I moved to U.K. So many paper works and meetings. I finally received my resident permit last week three months after I applied.

I have already met new people through flowers and gardening. Also local artists too. Those creative, busy people, they are always interesting, inspiring people in any country.

I would love to start my Ikebana class in Arnhem this year. Very excited to meet new people at my Ikebana class in Netherlands.

Wishing you all have a happy new year 2015.

My next workshop in U.K. will be the Saturday 21st February 2014 at Tintern, Wye Valley, Wales. There are a daytime and an evening workshops. There is a healthy, vege-Japanese meal too. If you are interested in, please look at www.ikeduende.com and go to the service page to see the intensive Ikebana workshop info.





追伸 – 次回のイギリス、ウェールズで行う集中生け花レッスンは、2月21日土曜日です。昼間と夜の時間を設けました。野菜を主材料とした日本料理を用意しています。ご希望の方は下記のホームページからサービスページ、2015年Intensive Workshop infoから予約をどうぞ。


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