Two ladies 女性二人

Posted on: Thursday, 14 June 2018.
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Two ladies made their Ikebana pieces. They had exactly the same materials but used different vases in different settings.

One arrangement was very simple, minimal even – only one main stem and two adornments. I had the impression that the lady knew exactly what she wanted to achieve. She really had the eye for finding a beautiful stem line.

The other arrangement was strong, full of energy, movement and the joys of spring. Wildness in the confines of the tokonoma with twin veronica flowers standing together as though friends.

The artist kept saying “I am not an artistic person”. But how could we have discovered the joy of twin veronicas without you?

Well done for them. It was not easy sitting down and getting up off the tatami floor.

D, thank you for bringing these special ladies on a beautiful day!






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