Ikebana Workshops – Spring 2018

Posted on: Wed, 11 Oct 2017.
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New Workshops for people who want to experience and learn Ikebana for a first time. Date: Between 9th January and 15th February, 27th February and 29th March Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday daily Time: Morning 10:00-12:00 and Afternoon 13:00-15:00 Cost: £50 includes floral materials to take home, drinks and snacks. Optional: Kimono wearing (Free) If you are an experienced arranger, there is a different workshop that Tamayo can prepare for you. Booking, any enquiries – please contact by email:


Workshop 3rd & 4th March 2017

Posted on: Sat, 26 Nov 2016.
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There is my Ikebana workshop in Spring again. It’s a best time, I love this time of year. Looking forward to meeting you. Friday 3rd March 2017 10:30-12:30 Friday 3rd March 2017 13:00-15:00 Saturday 4th March 2017 10:30-12:30


June 2009

Posted on: Mon, 6 Jun 2016.
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There was an incident that brought back to me memories of a tragedy that occurred several years ago. I remember it as one of most tragic news stories of 2009. The news touched so many people in the world and I was one of them. Indeed, it has remained with me ever since. There was a family, the parents and their son, 5 year old called Sam, who all lived in Wiltshire. The father was British, the mother Japanese. Sam was hit by a car accident when he was just 16 months old and his neck was damaged. He was treated at the Bristol Children’s Hospital, a hospital I know well. Sam was crippled but I remember seeing a picture of him online in his wheelchair, smiling. The family moved to a new house and set up a charity for Sam on stuff4sam. But in 2009, he contracted meningitis and died at their home. The next day, his parents drove […]


Thursday 11th February 2016

Posted on: Mon, 18 Apr 2016.
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What a day! What an adventure! Calina (Sobriquet) a lady who lived quite a distance from the Wye Valley, had booked a private lesson with me that morning. She left her house at 6am and by 9:30 had arrived at the bottom of the road only 500 m or so from my house, all in good time for our 10:00 start. What happened next was as extraordinary as it was infuriating, with those last 500 m taking her an amazing two and a quarter more hours! Unfortunately, the road leading up to our house was closed due to roadworks and the installation of new underground water pipes. Calina phoned me from her car, asking for an alternative route, so I told her to head back up the river Wye to Llandogo, the next village and then come over the top, through the national forest. The dear lady dutifully drove back to the main road and headed North. Just ahead of […]


Intensive Ikebana Workshops Wye Valley, Wales UK

Posted on: Thu, 12 Nov 2015.
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Again, I would like to hold “Intensive Ikebana Workshop” on Sunday 7th and Thursday 11th February 2016 in Tintern, Wye Valley, Wales, UK. I look forward to meeting the people who attended before and also new people. Please look at the link below: Ikebana Workshop Sunday 7th & Thursday 11th 2016


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Next Ikebana Workshop, Class, Demonstration in Wye Valley, Wales, UK

Spring Term 2018
Date: 9th January and 15th February. 27th February and 29th March.

Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday daily

Time: 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00

Optional: New! Kimono wearing (Free)

Cost: £50 includes floral materials to take home, drinks and snacks.
Please arrive at 09:30 for morning session, 12:30 for afternoon session if you wish to wear a Kimono

Group booking:

10% discount when you book for 2 participants.

One person will free if 4 participants on a same booking

Booking, any enquiries – please contact by email:

Tamayo Hussey
She uses Ikebana form for her art work. She has returned from Holland and starts her class again in January 2018.