The Japanese-inspired house in Wales became an occasional holiday-let house

Posted on: Mon, 8 Sep 2014.
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The Japanese-inspired house in Wales became an occasional holiday-let house. It is a little pity because our effort and experience to our house project was very interesting. It was also one of most intense period of time that me and my partner experienced our physical strength, a limit of our mind and our team work. The life has such a thing. If you are interested in staying to have a unique experience in a quiet forest setting with the log-fired hot tub on the top terrace, please see the site below.



Posted on: Mon, 4 Aug 2014.
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  I think about Hana. She was my dance partner at our first Peña night where we danced Alegrías. Yelow and red roses suited her. Most people with this name, whatever its spelling, Hannah, Hana, Hanna, knew its meaning in Japanese. It means “flower”. 花 in Kanji – with a crown of grass and a metamorphoses. Looking at these roses, I wonder what is there in the velvet veil.


Morning light 1

Posted on: Sun, 23 Mar 2014.
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Morning light pouring through tree pillars falls on the water in the stream. I could see the water splashing and rising up into the sunlight. It’s as though the light itself is causing the splashing as it hits the water’s surface. The vision stops us in our tracks.


A very belated Happy New Year to you all

Posted on: Thu, 6 Feb 2014.
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Thank you for letting me know what you though about my works, including the blog, since the website went “live” last November. I’ve received mesages from Norway, New Zealand, Australia and Canada amongst others. These responses represent a new challenge for me as I am not very good with technology.


Mahonia x media

Posted on: Mon, 23 Dec 2013.
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She is an importnat plant in winter in U.K. As the days shorten, her power grows. She is attractive but unkind. She has a long leggy stem. It is difficult to see her canopy from ground level because the view is blocked out by dark shiny outstretched arms, crowned with leaves and thorns. The spiky leaves and flowers are like a forbidden fortress, yet by its flowers are so small and so modestly fragrant. Such a constrast. She stands 4 m tall, and only birds, bees may notice her aroma.


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Next Ikebana Workshop, Class, Demonstration in Wye Valley, Wales, UK

Spring Term 2018
Date: 9th January and 15th February. 27th February and 29th March.

Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday daily

Time: 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00

Optional: New! Kimono wearing (Free)

Cost: £50 includes floral materials to take home, drinks and snacks.
Please arrive at 09:30 for morning session, 12:30 for afternoon session if you wish to wear a Kimono

Group booking:

10% discount when you book for 2 participants.

One person will free if 4 participants on a same booking

Booking, any enquiries – please contact by email:

Tamayo Hussey
She uses Ikebana form for her art work. She has returned from Holland and starts her class again in January 2018.