Tamayo, discussing Ikebana

DSC06871 copyIkebana is a lot more than simply flower arranging, the artist becomes very involved in and affected by the process.

Through the practice of Ikebana, you become deeply involved in the life path of a botanical creature as you discover the beauty, mystery and power of the plant.

Creating a momentary art piece helps us to develop a positive attitude and an ability to concentrate deeply. This is a simple and yet powerful way of enriching our lives.


Ikeduende is a fusion of the Japanese word ‘ike’ and the Spanish word ‘duende’. Ike, from ‘ikebana’, means living or life-giving, while duende is a mysterious word, which is difficult to explain.

The word is found in flamenco music and culture. It communicates the spiritual atmosphere and soaring feeling created whenever the creators bond with others.

Tamayo believes that as you practice ikebana, you may feel your own spiritual “Duende” emerge, with the flowers as material, bonding, listening and responding. It might be a primitive communication, driven by the senses rather than by thought, but nonetheless it creates a special warmth under our skin.

About Tamayo Hussey


Her discipline originated in Ikenobo, one of the oldest form of ikebana, that her mother taught her while she was an infant growing up in Tokyo. Later, she took an interest in and studied the Ryusei style.

Shortly before she left Japan, she had the good fortune to study under the floral architect Yoshio Karimai and his unique school of Ikebana called Hana-Jyuku in Tokyo.

Since relocating and starting a new life in the United Kingdom, she has developed her own practice and continue to be inspired by his teachings and other artist’s works. She has BA (Fine Art) and BSc (Biosciences) degrees from UK and Japan.


Ikebana Class & Workshop in Wye Valley, Wales

Summer 2018

Tues 17th to Fri 25th May.
Tues 5th June to Fri 20th July.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:00-12:00 or/and 13:00-15:00

Friday 10:00-12:00

Matcha & Sweets
Friday 13:00-15:00 Please book in advance

Interview by Together and Sunspell (English & 日本語)


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