Ikebana classes & Workshops

For adults and Children (Private or Group lessons) in Wye Valley

Enjoy creating a momentary floral art piece, while at the same time enriching your life through nature in unique and calming surroundings.

Weekly or fortnight classes are held between Tuesday and Friday in the bespoke room set in a quiet forest location in the Wye Valley (as seen on Grand Designs). The group class takes up to 2 hours with morning and/or afternoon classes to suit.

Next Workshop, Wye Valley in Wales

Spring Term 2018
From Tuesday 9th January to Thursday 15th February.

From Tuesday 27th February to Friday 23rd March.

Summer Term 2018

From Tuesday 17th April to Friday 25th May.

FRom Tuesday 5th June to Friday 20th July.

Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Time: 10:00-12:00 or/and 13:00-15:00

Group booking: 10% discount when you book for more than 2 participants

Booking, any enquiries – please use the order form.

Ikebana Class / FForest Lodge Open day

Please contact by email.

After-School Clubs & Workshops



For children and adults at schools and other venues in South East Wales, South West England

The clubs will take place once a week in your venue. Each lesson lasts for one hour.

The lessons will be spread over a four to eight week period and will fall in with your schedule.

This is a fun hands-on activity which allows each child/person to create one Ikebana arrangement to take home every week. This activity helps children and adults, to concentrate deeply, enhancing their creativity and their interest in nature. It helps them to expand their imagination and to learn more about the delicate environment around them.

Students/Participants will experience:

  • Fun hands-on activity with natural material
  • Self-expression
  • Deep focus
  • Curiosity in Biology and Science
  • Botanical drawing
  • A Japanese Culture

Ikebana is the main activity for these but other Japanese activities, such as Japanese language, calligraphy, green tea ceremony and sushi making, can also be included. On the last day, there is always a reward day with a special surprise!

Tamayo has 6 years experience in teaching Science, Art and Japanese language in primary and secondary schools in UK. She has BSc (Biosciences) and BA (Fine Art) degrees from the Japan and UK, a certificate for food hygiene and is CRB-checked. Read her profile.

Please complete the contact form with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ikebana Demonstrations/Talks


Adults and Children (private or group lessons) at venues across South East Wales and South West England

A one to two-hour demonstration includes a talk with a slide presentation suitable for social clubs or private parties. It is possible to combine this with workshop afterword.

Please use the contact form to outline your request.

Gift Vouchers




There are various gift vouchers available. Any other request(s) relating to Ikebana are welcome. Please use the contact form.


Ikebana Class & Workshop in Wye Valley, Wales

Summer 2018

Tues 17th to Fri 25th May.
Tues 5th June to Fri 20th July.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:00-12:00 or/and 13:00-15:00

Friday 10:00-12:00

Matcha & Sweets
Friday 13:00-15:00 Please book in advance

Interview by Together and Sunspell (English & 日本語)


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